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To the Future Medical and Health Professionals of the 21st century

DeanTatsuo Ushiki, MD
Dean, School of Medicine

@Niigata College of Medicine was founded in 1910. It was later organized as Niigata Medical College, and then accredited as Niigata University School of Medicine in 1949. The School of Medicine traces its history back about ninety five years, and its more than eight thousand graduates play an important role in the community and in the field of education and research.

Niigata University College of Biomedical Technology originated from the School of Nursing of the Niigata College of Medicine in 1911, was reorganized as the School of Health Sciences in 1999. Both the School of Medicine and the School of Health Sciences have a similar historical background and traditions.

Our medical school is ranked as a true leader in brain and kidney research in the international community. Encouraged by cooperation between the basic and clinical departments, we have been conducting translational research, and performing advanced treatment, such as organ transplants and gene-therapy. By collaborating with government agencies and the Japan Medical Association, we have developed useful approaches to preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health in the local community. In recent years we have been developing cooperation with the international community of Northeast Asia, with Russia, China and the Republic of Korea.

We are responsible for training eminent medical and health researchers and practitioners with intellectual curiosity, humanity, and creativity for the benefit of the local and international community, and we expect our students to play an essential role not only in the local community but in global society.

Niigata University Faculty of Medicine seeks to foster medical and health professionals who will treat everyone equally. This ideology is referred to as gIsshi Doujinh in Japanese.