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1.Research Summary

Research at Div. of Experimental pathology is especially focused on intractable malignancies among diverse human malignancies including carcinomas, sarcomas, hematopoietic tumors and brain tumors. Our focus is in pathologically and molecularly disclosing their features about mechanism of tumorigenesis, progression by metastasis and invasion using tumor cells and tissues. We are always doing research in a wide perspective along with pathophysiology of the human malignancies. In our lab, research for development of novel medical technologies is also being performed as well as basic researches, which would contribute to near-future cancer medicine as our goal.

2.Research Subjects

  • Molecular mechanism of drug-resistance in malignant tumor and tumor invasion and metastasis.
  • Discovery of diagnostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets in tumor and cancer stem cells.
  • Development of drug delivery system (DDS) technologies for tumor homing peptide.
  • Development of peptide as anticancer agents and imaging probe for cancer.

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