*Autoimmune liver diseases

  1. Primary biliary cirrhosis(PBC)

    Primary biliary cirrhosis is characterized by a hypertrophy of both hepatic lobes. Especially, the marked enlargement of the left hepatic lobe is often experienced even at the non-cirrhotic stage. In PBC, undulated liver surface is common and the slightly and mildly elevated portion of liver surface often has reddish tone This finding is called "reddish patch".

  2. Secondary biliary cirrhosis due to PBC

    In the terminal stage of symptomatic PBC (often called as PBC stage IV according to Scheuer), the liver resembles the pattern of secondary biliary cirrhosis. Coarsely nodular liver surface is common and the long-standing cholestasis gives the liver diffuse dark-greenish color indicating the presense of intrahepatic cholestasis. Liver transplantation is strongly recommended at this stage.

  3. Autoimmune hepatitis

    Autoimmune hepatitis is characterized by a coarsely wavy liver surface with apparent evidence of large collapses of liver parenchyma. Reddish markings of haemorrhagic type are often encountered in the depressed and collapsed area indicating the severe degree of necroinflammation at the site.

  4. Potato liver due to autoimmune hepatitis

    Autoimmune hepatitis is characterized by a large collapse on liver surface often with a macroscopic evidence of liver regeneration showing the mixture of scarring and regenerative liver. The shape changes are occasionally so prominent that it resembles potato. Thus, the name of this change is called "potato liver".

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