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1.Research Summary

In the field of laboratory medicine, research activities on laboratory medicine and preventive medicine are conducted. We work on understanding the significance and characteristics of laboratory tests, systematic analysis on the management of laboratories and developing new methodologies of clinical laboratory medicine in collaboration with the Clinical Laboratory Division in the Niigata University Medical & Dental Hospital. In the field of preventive medicine, epidemiological researches to identify risk factors for arteriosclerotic diseases have been conducted.

2.Research Groups

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3-2.Preventive Medicine Group

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4.Research Results

[Area] Laboratory medicine

[Research subject]

Development of a noise removal technique for processing an image comprising faint signals

When observing FISH images of chromosomes using a super-high-resolution microscope (such as SNOM/AFM), observed brightness is so weak as signals of each pixel comprise only a few photons; thus, an obtained image is covered with noise due to stochastic perturbations (Poisson noise). In order to estimate the true brightness distribution from such an image. we developed a new image processing procedure by applying the uniformity test of the Poisson distribution and acquired patents for it in Japan and in the US [Photographs].