Message from the Chair・History of Division of Dermatology, Niigata University

Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Division of Dermatology. I am honored that the division in Niigata University was founded by Professor Akira Takahashi, a director of the dermatology and urology divisions, in 1916. This division has been producing the finest dermatologists and contributing to the medical community in Niigata. Our division intent is to provide a high level of clinical medicine continuously and research to develop dermatological science.

The university has three big determinations; clinical medicine, research, and education. In clinical medicine, not only do we seek to diagnose and provide medical care to patients with general diseases, we also seek to offer a medical system that is the top in clinical medicine.
In our educational program, we aim to produce doctors who can understand patients’ pain. Also, training educators who can be active as leaders is one of the important missions of the university.
Our research program analyzes what is directly related to clinical medicine. The themes are valid for patients and they are exciting topics for fellows.

Based on these three determinations, all members of the division aim to become honorable to the world, starting from here, Niigata.

Riichiro Abe M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and the chair
Division of Dermatology

History of Division of Dermatology, Niigata University

Annual Dermatology chronology
May 1912 Professor Shichitaro Sugimura from the surgeryⅡin medical school inaugurated division of dermatology. 
February 2nd, 1916 Professor Akira Takahashi created an independent division, dermatological urology.
April 25th, 1928 Professor Takashi Hashimoto inaugurated to the second chair.
May 1949 Divisions of dermatology and urology separated when Dr. Takashi Hashimoto became the president of Niigata University.
October 1949 Professor Hiroshi Tanaka inaugurated to the third chair.
February 1966 The third chair, Hiroshi Tanaka passed away.
August 1966 Professor Yoshio Sato inaugurated to the fourth chair.
October 1979 The graduate doctor, Masaaki Morohashi became the professor of the department of dermatology in Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University. 
March 1991 The fourth chair, Yoshio Sato retired.
July 1991 Professor Masaaki Ito inaugurated to the fifth chair.
April 2008 The Division of Dermatology in Niigata University hosted the conference of Japanese Dermatological Association.
March 2015
The fifth chair, Masaaki Ito retired.
September 2015 Professor Riichiro Abe inaugurated to the sixth chair.
January 2017 The previous associate professor, Yutaka Shimomura became the professor of the department of dermatology in Yamaguchi University.