Message to Future Residents and Fellows

Current medical science has been remarkably improving each day. For instance, most patients with atopic dermatitis are satisfied with their diagnosis and medical care. However, have we already investigated the causes for all diseases? Has the most rapid diagnosis been authorized? Are there any systems of providing accurate medical care?
The answer to these questions is no. Research analyzed the numbers of proteins, which make skin barriers decrease the origin of allergic skin dermatitis as background in some patients. Currently, steroid ointment is used to ease the inflammation. Though, there is no verification of all causes or medical systems.
Our mission as doctors is to provide the best medical care and make an effort to progress medicine.

To achieve this, the division of dermatology in Niigata University emphasizes raising dermatologists with fine intelligence in general medicine and to further explore dermatology science.
Since our division has strong bonds with affiliated hospitals and facilities, residents and fellows have opportunities to learn enough expertise from well-experienced doctors. We support your individual life plans and provide training programs such as joining graduate schools or becoming surgeons in dermatology.
During the training program, residents and fellows perform speeches at conferences in and outside of Japan.

Dr. Yutaka Shimomura, the previous associate professor, had gained a reputation through speeches in terms of hair research. It led to his promotion as the professor in the department of dermatology at Yamaguchi University starting in January 2017.
Additionally, we work on various research including severe Drug Eruption, Contact Dermatitis, genetical skin diseases, and Skin Malignant Tumors. Since dermatology has various diseases, there are more issues that we need to clarify. All researchers have the challenge to determine the crucial issues with ambitions.  
It is the division’s pleasure to support motivated residents and fellows. While I aim to become the model doctor for you step by step, I look forward to discussing with you in terms of a bright future in medical science one day.

Riichiro Abe M.D., Ph, D.
Professor and the Chair
Division of Dermatology

Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences